Foam Bag in Box system WCS-063PB

Foam Bag in Box system WCS-063PB

Model No.︰WCS-063PB

Brand Name︰-

Country of Origin︰China

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Specifications︰ The most convenient and widely used dispensing system today, the Soft & Silky line features contamination-free sealed pouches with integrated dispensing tubes in a broad range of products and sizes.

• 500mL - For all foam style dispensers
• 800mL - The most common bag-in-box size and designed to fit most competitive dispensers.
• 1200mL - Lasts longer, requires fewer change outs and reduces labor. Utilizes the shorter, large diameter tube assembly.
• 1000mL Boxless Bag - save money and reduce waste ...eliminate the box! Fits most 800mL dispensers for less money than traditional bag-in-box. Green & Clean Hand Soap is Green Seal Certified


WCS-063PB Plastic Bag PE&NYLON,
WCS-063PBC Foam Pump Valve + Connector

With a wide range of bags and fitments to suit your requirements

From 500ml,800ml to 1000ml or 1200ml.
High technology, high output production
Ultra-hygienic conditions including 'clean room'
Fully automated systems
Innovative bag engineering and construction
All our bags are designed to give customers more control over their food supply chain

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